Value Add Investors

Charlotte Franchise Partners (CFP) is a private investment firm specializing in acquiring, operating and growing a business with either existing multi-unit locations or multi-location growth opportunities in North Carolina and the surrounding states (South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Tennessee). CFP seeks to provide its investors, primarily high net worth individuals, superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our goals are simple.

  • To offer an attractive growth and exit option for individual and corporate business owners.
  • To provide senior management to further enhance business value post-closing.

CFP operates and invests with a long-term focus. We are a team of driven and capable professionals, active in the business and civic communities. And we want to partner with people who share our passion for people, exceptional customer service & value and demonstrable results.


Our approach to the market is unique.

  • First, we work to fully understand an area, its opportunities and unique challenges.
  • Second, we offer focused, individual attention. We help businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their unique goals through and post closing.
  • Third, we take a comprehensive look at your business and personal needs. We are particularly sensitive to the estate planning and tax considerations of an individual who gains significant net worth from his/her business.

If you are a business owner interested in discussing an opportunity, please contact us.

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